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AT:On the rocks by Hound-Of-The-Damned AT:On the rocks :iconhound-of-the-damned:Hound-Of-The-Damned 10 5 Dont Starve Regin of Giants meme by RitaCastle Dont Starve Regin of Giants meme :iconritacastle:RitaCastle 111 33 Don't Starve Meme by Black-Nocturne Don't Starve Meme :iconblack-nocturne:Black-Nocturne 629 143
Captain Rex (Clone Wars) X Reader (Pranks)
"Commander_______! Have you seen my helmet?" Rex inquired as he stepped into your room. You lazily put down the book you were reading and responded, "No, but perhaps you should check the armor room,Rex."
"I already have Commander_______. I've not seen any trace of it." he said depressingly.
"Then maybe you should look harder, Rex. It's most likely just a big mistake. I'll come and help you look."
"No, Commander! I couldn't possibly disturb you-"
"Rex, I WANT to come! End of story.  Now, let's go and get this sorted out." you said as you got up from your bed and swiftly went down the hall with Rex .
*******SHORT TIME SKIP*******
As you got to the armor room, you noticed Echo running towards the two of you. He respectfully saluted you and Rex before reporting, "Captain, we have located your helmet. If you'll please come with me." he asked before going into the armor room.
"Well ,where is it?" Rex asked as he looked about the room. The clones armor as in their usual places, except fo
:iconbloodofthetitan1:BloodoftheTitan1 133 30
Three days.
Three days alone on this hellish island. Wilson's hands ached from the work, from constant use with such rough tools. The triumph of realizing he could fashion an ax from the native flint and random sticks had long since worn away, consumed by the ever growing hunger, the exhaustion, the oppressive weight that he carried. Logs were heavy and his lack of anything to call a home base forced him to carry everything he owned on his back like he was some sort of pack mule.
He stooped down to pick up something else, a strange bone with an eye on it that seemed to be looking at him. He held it up, watched it blink at him then widen. The eye seemed to smile and then he heard it.
Boing. Boing. Boing.
Wilson readied his ax. He wasn't sure what was coming but if it was anything like those spiders...
A strange furry... creature... bounded up to him on four round legs. It had a tongue that lolled and a mouth that seemed to stretch all the way around the creature's spherical bo
:iconnebulousmistress:NebulousMistress 14 2
Don't Starve: Keep An Eye Out
A high-pitched scream rang throughout the forest. The Puppet Master, Maxwell, sat lazily on his throne and sighed upon hearing this. He had had Wilson in his world for the past two months, and he had been generally quiet, and capable of surviving. He would occasionally yelp when startled or injured, but this was different. This scream meant business.
"Shadow," he called into the darkness, "show me The Gentleman Scientist."
a black ring of fog swirled before him, and slowly a shadowy figure was shown. Wilson Percival Higgsbury knelt in a wheat field, his head turned away from the vision of the mist. He seemed to be clutching the left side of his face as some dark liquid dripped from it. Speaking of which, a puddle sat before him, with a small, circular object floating in it. A tallbird wandered by, gobbled the object, and left. The scientist sobbed, and fell face-first into the puddle.
Maxwell raised an eyebrow as he waited for t
:iconlizluvscupcakes:LizLuvsCupcakes 15 150
Wilson x reader: pneumonia (pt. 2 w/ Maxwell)
(Y/n) was reluctant to leave Wilson alone with Father, even though he'd promised not to kill him or hurt him in any unnecessary way. She left a thick, heavy stick next to him, which felt like something he might have used for an axe or a pick axe. "At the very worst," she told Maxwell, "he freaks out and you get hit with a big stick. You've definitely had worse than that."
Maxwell thought this a fair statement, and sent his daughter on her way. She was headed out to find meat and proper herbs, unlike the inedible ones she'd fed poor Wilson. He spent the better portion of the previous night vomiting. (Y/n) spent it apologizing and keeping her boyfrie-(narrator is struck hard) ow! Sorry... Ok, ok, not her boyfriend, her companion calm and comfortable.
Maxwell slowly opened the door to the room where the gentleman scientist lay sleeping. Chester curled up next to him, as though to protect him from anything that might emerge from the shadows. He growled slightly as Maxw
:iconlizluvscupcakes:LizLuvsCupcakes 20 27
Wilson x reader: pneumonia
(Y/n), the puppet master's daughter, sat by the campfire of her only friend, Wilson Percival Higgsbury, while he slept in a tent not five feet away.
Unexpectedly, Wilson crawled out of the tent, towards the alchemy machine. His body was drenched in sweat, his teeth chattering, but when her fingers brushed his hand, his skin just about burned her. "You all right? Your leg infected?" He had been bitten by a wolf not three months ago, and while no longer painful, the scar still worried them both.
"No... It's not that... I just... I don't know... I... Oog..." The gentleman scientist collapsed to the ground, trembling like a leaf. Chester rushed over, whining, and gently nudged his master. 
"Wilson?!" (Y/n) rushed over to him and turned him over. While taller than her, he was surprisingly light. She placed her hand across his forehead, feeling his wet, burning skin. "C'mon, Wil, stay with me, don't you dare die on me!"
"It's fine, it's fine, I'm fine." He finished crawling toward the a
:iconlizluvscupcakes:LizLuvsCupcakes 31 43
Anger Issues|Lucario x Trainer!Reader
Lucario was more than just your best Pokemon: he was your best friend. You and him have traveled throughout the region, meeting new people and their Pokemon, and winning badges. Somewhere along the way, Lucario learned to Mega Evolve, in which he was crazy powerful and agile, executing every attack smoothly and precisely.
That was great and all...except for one small problem. As a Riolu, he always had...anger issues and you supposed those carried on into his evolution. Unfortunately, that rage all too often reared its ugly head within Mega Lucario. But luckily, you taught your Pokemon to calm him down whenever that happens, so for the most part you have it under control.
"Hey! Your Lucario can Mega-Evolve? That's awesome!"
You and Lucario stopped in your tracks, turning to see another trainer running up to you. "Yeah," you smiled, holding a rainbow-colored Mega Stone between
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 197 25
Don't Starve: Sick Day
That's where all the trouble started; a ticklish cough that interfered with Wilson P. Higgsbury's fishing trip in the swamp.
The gentleman scientist was sitting by a pond, hoping to get himself and Chester good bite after being so short on food lately. Unfortunately, his persistent hacking made the hunt more tiring than it should have, even with Chester holding his belongings alongside him.
Finally, that minute, Wilson yanked up a fish onto the ground with his rod, but as he did so, he held his head up with one hand, and grabbed a nearby pine with the other, as if trying not to fall over. Chester whimpered and gently nudged his master's leg in comfort. Wilson returned it with a weak smile, gently mussing his orange fur before trudging back to their base camp in the flower field.
As the evening turned to night, sleeping became a challenge, too. Whenever Wilson got in his straw roll, his body would get damp with sweat, but every time he got out, he felt a chill running thr
:iconralthecommentator:RaltheCommentator 143 70
Llap by earlofblackthorne Llap :iconearlofblackthorne:earlofblackthorne 1 0
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Z'hanor by Neytirix
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I like sherlock holmes, pokemon, digimon, movies, dragons, watching tv, star wars, star trek, hanging with friends and my dog Nacho.


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